Cut resistant fabric,Anti-cutting,Anti-puncture,Anti-abrasion,UHMWPE


By the end of 2018, Helen Kin, who has been engaged in international trade for 9 years; and Jacky Wong, who has been engaged in Internet affairs for 8 years, want to work together to make a career that can be 70 years old. They believe that the first cause must be beneficial to human development; the second is that it can make good communication with the rest of the world.
At this time, they just met Mr. Ma, a friend who had contact at work but did not have in-depth cooperation. Mr. Ma is a person who is very passionate about developing and researching products. His products and equipment have more than 20 patents, and his factory is also recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the government. He told Helen and Jacky that he has been working on the development and production of a fabric called UHMWPE that has good cut-and-wear resistance and can be made into protective gloves. And clothing, etc., to protect the safety of the front line workers of the knives and glass factories; at the same time, it can also protect the safety of police officers in the process of arresting criminals. Of course, it is also possible to make products such as anti-theft backpacks that are needed by people every day to protect the security of personal property. Helen and Jacky are very interested in this project. First of all, the products themselves will bring great benefits to human production and life, in line with their initial vision of the business; in addition, they can play their own advantages in Internet marketing and international business. Introduce this product to the world. While it can bring profits to his factory, it can also allow them to put more energy and financial resources into product development, and expect them to produce more and better products that are beneficial to human safety production and home security.
As a result, Ultra-Tex and this factory reached a strategic cooperation plan in early 2019. Ultra-tex is responsible for the international operation and sales of the products, and the factory is responsible for the R&D and production of the products. We hope that our cooperation and efforts can bring better security products and services to our customers.